Promotional Written Exams

Candidates seeking promotion to the next level in a public safety agency need to have a command of important job-related information. For example, viable candidates for promotion to Police Sergeant might need to be knowledgeable about their department’s use of force policy, the benefits of a community-oriented policing philosophy, state vehicle codes, domestic violence laws, etc.

Although there are many things they can look up in a book, first and second-line supervisors are often required to take control of a particular situation and draw on their base of knowledge to act appropriately. Furthermore, supervisors also serve as a day-to-day source of guidance and information for an agency’s less experienced members.

It goes without saying that every public safety agency is different as a simple example can illustrate. A lieutenant with an urban fire department needs to know more about coordinating activities at the scene of a multi-story apartment building fire than about containing a brush fire. In developing a job-knowledge promotional exam, there are many factors to consider. That’s why we take a customized approach in developing your exam. We feel writing items specific to your department’s policies, procedures and issues is the most valid and legally defensible option when it comes to this facet of the promotional process.

  • Customized Written Exams
  • The National First- and Second-Line Supervisor Tests (NFLST & NSLST)