The National Corrections Officer Selection Test (NCST)

Hiring Corrections Officers? Use The National Corrections Officer Selection Test (NCST). Stanard & Associates, Inc. developed this exam with input from some of the nation’s top sheriffs, wardens, jail superintendents and corrections officers. It is designed to identify the most qualified candidates for any jail environment.

  • Direct supervision, podular, linear
  • Local, county, state or federal
  • Valid, job-related and legally defensible.

The NCST adheres to all professional, ADA and EEOC Testing Guidelines. Since 1976, Stanard & Associates, Inc. has been a leader in entry-level and promotional assessments for public safety agencies nationwide. S&A’s other published exams include The National Police Officer Selection Test (POST), The National Firefighter Selection Test (NFST) and the National Dispatcher Selection Test (NDST). Our work with sheriff departments and other corrections facilities consistently indicated the need for an instrument to assess skills such as reading comprehension, problem solving and writing ability before more costly procedures, such as personality evaluations and background checks were implemented.

In late 1996, S&A began the development process for The National Corrections Officer Selection Test. During this time we conducted a nationwide job analysis, interviewed experts in the field of corrections and reviewed and refined the test items to ensure that they were fair and unbiased. The result is the best and most well researched exam to date for selecting corrections officers and jail guards. The National Corrections Officer Selection Test (NCST) was developed to offer agencies a valid, job-related, yet reasonably priced pre-employment test which can identify those candidates who have the essential basic skills necessary to perform successfully as a corrections officer.

What does the NCST measure?

  • Reading Comprehension: Ability to understand written information for later recall and use, including following written directions/instructions and reading and understanding information presented in written form in training and on the job. This section requires reading passages closely related to corrections work, but no knowledge of actual state laws, statues or department jail directives is necessary when answering the questions.
  • Problem Solving: Ability to solve problems based on available information. Ability to learn and apply new information on the job. Ability to prioritize and bring about resolution in a timely manner. This section does not require any previous job knowledge or training
  • Report Writing: Ability to write sentences with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Ability to convey a message in writing in a clear and succinct manner. This section requires answers in a written format based on a sample incident report

Who should use the NCST?

  • Any municipal, county, state or federal agency hiring corrections officers and/or jail guards

Why use the NCST?

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to administer
  • Based on extensive research and development
  • Developed in accordance with federal government (EEOC) and professional guidelines
  • Complies with ADA requirements
  • Validated using a content validation strategy
  • Quick turnaround time on test results
  • Printed or online exam options – Learn more about our online remote testing option.

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