Physical Ability Testing

Content-Valid Simulations Specific to Your Agency

Since the advent of ADA legislation and the Civil Rights Act of 1991, Stanard & Associates has been a leader in the area of content valid physical ability testing for public safety agencies. Our physical ability tests are developed to simulate the essential physical functions associated with the job and employ a single cutoff score. Our testing approach, as originally developed in conjunction with the Denver, Colorado fire and police departments, has been replicated in New York City and numerous other agencies large and small. Content valid physical ability exams are met with positive candidate reactions – instead of being asked to do sit-ups or chin-ups, as is the case with fitness-based testing models, candidates are evaluated on their ability to perform actual job tasks, like engaging in a foot pursuit or dragging a charged line on a fire ground. Importantly, none of the components that candidates are asked to perform require previous job experience. With each project, we develop a practical candidate study guide that provides in-depth information about the test events candidates are expected to perform. We also provide all pertinent technical documentation so you can continue to administer the process the same way each time in all future administrations.

CPAT Transportability (for Fire Service)

The Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) was developed jointly by the International Association of Firefighters and the International Association of Fire Chiefs as a physical ability testing standard for the fire service. The Technical Manual for the CPAT states an agency wanting to use the CPAT, but that did not participate in the initial validation study, should conduct a transportability study. Stanard & Associates has developed and validated numerous physical ability exams for public safety agencies. While our exams typically make use of equipment most departments already have, the CPAT requires an investment in equipment and specialized props for use in testing. Regardless of the route your fire service agency takes, Stanard & Associates can help.