Special Duty Assignments

Individuals in your agency may seek out a special duty assignment as a means of integrating personal interests with their career in public safety. For instance, a sports enthusiast may pursue involvement with a police department’s Bicycle Patrol, or an animal lover might have a strong desire to become a K-9 officer. In fire service, some might pursue specialized technical rescue positions, such as membership on the dive team. In corrections, not every Corrections Officer has what it takes to become a member of the facility’s Rapid Response Unit. Because of the interesting and specialized nature of these assignments, special duty positions are typically in demand and sought out by several candidates.

With several people competing for any single specialty position, the need becomes more pronounced for a tool to help department leaders make informed decisions regarding who should be selected. Our clinical psychologists discuss the requirements of the specialty position with you, as it is performed in your agency. In some instances, on-site interviews and/or job observations might be necessary to develop a more complete understanding of the position’s requirements.