Personality and Psychological Assessments

Since 1976, Stanard & Associates has conducted thousands of personality or psychological assessments of candidates for public safety positions. We provide clients with a range of services – all designed to help decision-makers ensure they have the right people for the job. An agency’s assessment needs typically fall into one or more categories, each with a defined objective. Our psychologists work directly with clients to ensure the assessment process is tailored to meet an agency’s needs. The assessment processes below have been used successfully in a variety of public safety agencies, including police departments, fire departments, county sheriff offices and correctional facilities.

Our comprehensive personality evaluation process consists of a battery of personality assessments, basic skills tests, a background information questionnaire and a structured interview. One of our licensed psychologists conducts the applicant interview, reviews all test results and makes a classification decision regarding each candidate. Unless other arrangements are made, each candidate is clearly either Recommended for Hire or Not Recommended for Hire. It’s a time consuming process (candidates can expect to spend about a half day in our offices), but necessary to help ensure the individuals you hire are everything you expect them be.

Evaluations typically take place on-site at our Chicago, Illinois office. For larger groups of candidates, however, we can arrange to come to your location. In-depth personality/leadership evaluations are also available for first-line, middle and upper management ranks. In addition to these evaluation processes, we also offer comprehensive Fitness for Duty evaluations.

  • Entry-Level Evaluations
  • Fitness for Duty Evaluations
  • Special Duty Assignments
  • Promotional Assessments