Law Enforcement Morale Survey (LENS)

The most effective law enforcement departments have an esprit de corps that is difficult to objectively characterize. Research suggests that gains in organizational performance often follow from a foundation of positive employee morale. While policies and procedures, and even meeting accreditation requirements, show that an agency can excel operationally, the most progressive agencies want to better understand morale and department climate in order to address issues that may block optimal performance.

In addition to our experience in public safety testing and selection, Stanard & Associates is also known for its expertise in the measurement of employee satisfaction and organizational climate. In the private sector, we’ve helped organizations with as few as 60 employees and as many as 60,000 employees worldwide. We’ve leveraged our experience in employee surveys to create the Law ENforcement Morale Survey (LENS) to help departments identify areas of the work climate that are obstacles to high levels of employee morale, and consequently, to department performance. The LENS provides an objective, unbiased measure of workplace climate to help the department identify its areas of strength and developmental opportunities. Through the identification of priorities and action planning efforts, the department can work to improve in areas where improvement is needed most.

The survey contains 85 statements that respondents answer on an Agree-Disagree scale. The survey measures 15 distinct facets of satisfaction, including job stress, training and preparedness, communication, performance evaluation and satisfaction with fellow officers. A score is calculated that provides an indication of overall departmental morale. Additionally this “morale index” may be prepared for distinct subgroups, such as all officers on a particular shift, or all officers falling under a particular commander, etc.

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