Exit Interview Survey

Stanard & Associates’ Exit Interview Survey is designed to help you easily obtain actionable information about why employees leave your organization. It is a web-based application which makes use of an exiting employee’s email account in the interim between notification of an intended departure and the actual departure. Most exiting employees will respond to the survey within this “two-week notice” period. However, email reminders may also be sent to an alternate email account so that follow-ups may continue after the employee’s departure. As such, the system is ideally suited for organizations where exiting employees have an email account. Alternative approaches may be taken, however, such as setting up terminals or kiosks in well-placed locations.

The survey responses will help you identify the reasons that employees leave and whether employees are leaving different parts of the organization for the same or different reasons, arming you with insights to make the necessary adjustments to retain employees.

Primary reasons for employing Stanard & Associates’ online Exit Interview Survey system include:

  • Decision-makers have more time available to act on data, as opposed to collecting and organizing it, since the data gathering component is fully-automated.
  • Meaningful and systematic comparisons are easy to obtain across different organizational segments, since data collection is standardized.
  • Data are not subjected to potential distortion, either intentional or unintentional, because the system places the responsibility of gathering data into the hands of an objective third party.
  • Departing employees may be more likely to respond honestly with an automated system than in an awkward face-to-face meeting with HR representatives.
  • The system is economical, and allows organizations to gather data more efficiently than through face-to-face meetings. At the organization’s discretion, the online exit interview survey may be coupled with a traditional face-to-face interview.
  • The system is flexible, allowing different organizational segments to establish survey content consistent with local objectives.

The Exit Interview Survey provides 3 levels of restricted website access to organizations and exiting employees.

Client Administrators (full access to the system) are the organizational sponsors of the exit interview survey process and have complete access to all areas of the system that pertain to their organization. Client administrators add Client Managers to the system.

Client Managers (partial access to the system) are added to the system by the Client Administrator, and are responsible for arranging for a smooth transition of the departing employee out of the organization. Client Managers log into the system to provide the contact and demographic information regarding the exiting employee. Once the exiting employee’s information is entered or uploaded into the system, an electronic survey invitation will be emailed to the employee automatically.

Exiting Employees (access to the exit interview survey) receive emails at up to two separate email addresses inviting them to take the exit interview survey. Alternatively, exiting employees are provided with a PIN to access the survey and complete it at a kiosk, or any computer with internet access.

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