Employee Survey Benchmarks

When it comes to interpreting survey results, some organizations feel they are their own best reference point. Conversely, others believe the key to making sense of survey data is to understand their organization’s results relative to those of others.

If you fall into the second group, Stanard has the information you need. We maintain an exhaustive inventory of survey items covering a variety of organizational issues as broad as overall job satisfaction and as finely tuned as one’s personal commitment to providing customer service – and everything in between. The data we collect from our clients are stored in a central database from which we can create benchmarks for other companies. We can provide norms specific to manufacturing or service industries, and can often create customized norms based on your organization if we have collected sufficient data to provide those benchmarks. Just contact Stanard & Associates, Inc. at 1-800-367-6919 to find out what kind of benchmarks may be available for your organization.