Employee Surveys

Stanard & Associates, Inc. conducts employee surveys around the world to provide Data for Decisions in Management. Organizations use Stanard’s employee surveys for climate appraisal, determining levels of employee satisfaction, determining quality readiness and practice, and identifying employees’ perceptions of customer service.

Experts in survey design and implementation, Stanard has helped organizations such as The Amercian Society for Quality, BCD Travel, Central Vermont Public Service, ConAgra Foods, Cooper Industries, The E. W. Scripps Company, First Solar, Sharp Electronics, and Unitrin not only gather, process and analyze their data, but also apply that information in ways that effectively promote business success.

Stanard’s staff of Ph.D. level industrial and organizational psychologists works with the organization to determine survey objectives, plan the survey process and create customized surveys that measure issues pertinent to the company. For those that want a quick and simple measure of the most common issues in organizations today, Stanard’s off-the-shelf survey is an excellent option. Our psychologists are also available to discuss how the data should be broken out to provide meaningful information, how the results should be disseminated throughout the organization, and what type of training might be needed to ensure managers can effectively communicate results to their group of employees.

Once the survey project is underway, Stanard’s project managers ensure the survey is implemented in a timely and cost-effective manner. Project managers serve as the primary contact and keep the project on track so it is completed in a timely manner.

Our custom designed processing system quickly and accurately creates simple to understand survey reports. The IT staff also sets up on-line surveys for web-based administration.