The Management Assessment Process

Traditional hiring practices often produce hit or miss results. In many cases, selection decisions result from a hiring manager’s gut feel or hunch about a prospective employee. Reference checks are often incomplete and can be uninformative. In other cases, undue weight is given to strengths that are not required for success in a particular position. These, and other biases inherent in the interview and selection process, can undermine the effectiveness of your hiring decisions. How can you be sure a candidate, or someone eligible for promotion, possesses the subtle mix of qualities that translates into success for your organization?

Stanard & Associates’ individual assessment process allows you to hire or promote with confidence. We work with you to clearly define the qualities for success that are specific to your organization and provide a systematic approach for evaluating candidates for these qualities. Simply put, Stanard’s individual assessment process provides you with a cost-effective tool for hiring or promoting the best person for the job.

Management Assessment Process