Management Assessment Benefits and Uses

Organizations use individual assessments in a variety of situations. While each client is different, the primary goal of the assessment process is always the same – to maximize person-job fit. Whether the process is used to facilitate hiring decisions, as a component in a promotional process, or as part of a personnel retention strategy after a merger or acquisition, the assessment process helps ensure the right person is hired, promoted or retained.

For some companies, the costs of not using the individual assessment process when making key decisions have become all too clear. Some organizations only turn to the rigor and reliability of individual assessment after they have experienced, firsthand, the repercussions of an ill-advised personnel decision. In less severe cases, there is the disappointment that accompanies the knowledge that a new-hire is not meeting expectations.

Others use the assessment process as a proactive problem-solving tool. Some look to bring in new managerial talent with the requisite leadership and experience that can help curb staff turnover in a key area. In another instance, the critical issue might be finding the right person to round out a team in charge of driving an important initiative.