Case Studies

Each situation is unique – the person who is right for one job or situation may not be right for another. We work with you to define what success means for your organization. Take a look at how these Stanard clients have used the management assessment process to their benefit.

Avoid Pitfalls: A client asked us to assess an individual as part of its hiring process. The person had been employed by the organization roughly 10 years ago, had accepted a position with another company, and now wanted to return. Records indicated the employee had performed adequately on the job – some felt he was a good worker while others weren’t so sure. The client was seeking more information about his current capabilities before making its decision. Our assessment process suggested a decline in intellectual skills and that the person’s work ethic and interpersonal skills had developed in a direction likely to cause friction with co-workers. As a result of our feedback, this candidate was not rehired. A qualified internal candidate was identified and is performing successfully.

Find a Diamond-in-the-Rough: A client identified several candidates for promotion to a director-level position. Each was referred to S&A for an in-depth assessment. Our process revealed hidden potential and skill-sets in one of the candidates that senior-level management had not previously recognized. This person was ultimately awarded the promotion and has performed beyond expectations.

Develop Personnel – Promote from Within: A multi-unit organization, with hundreds of outlets nationally, employs a sales and service manager at each location. A branch manager oversees all activity at the location and is assisted by administrative support personnel. Although the organization already had an effective means of identifying managerial talent, a bookkeeper at a location expressed interest in shifting career paths into branch management. Since the organization values its employees’ personal and professional development, the Human Resources department asked us to assess the bookkeeper as a possible candidate for the management track. Our assessment indicated the she was extremely well-qualified – and motivated – for the service manager position.

Maximize Person-Job Fit: A real estate firm targeted a European country for development opportunities as an integral part of its growth strategy. The firm needed a seasoned business development executive with the right personality and experience to ensure success as an American living and working abroad. S&A assessed three candidates for the job – all highly qualified and successful in their careers. For each candidate, we identified strengths and opportunities for development and explored personal interests and past experiences. By working closely with our client contacts and listening to their needs, we were able to clearly determine who would be best suited for the overseas assignment.